Monday, March 21, 2011


After two years of postponing the Purok Elections in Barangay Apopong, finally last February 5, 2011, syncronized elections for 49 Puroks were held.

With the assistance of the teachers of New Society Elementary School and Lanton Elementary and High Schools  who served as COMELEC, 47 Puroks now has new set of officials.

 some of the Purok Officers

March 18, 2011 - Mass Induction of the Newly Elected Purok Officials took place at the Barangay Apopong Gym. Punong Barangay Rogelio Pacquiao served as the Inducting Officer.

Panunumpa sa Katungkulan

They may not be read and/or seen in the Local Government Code, Purok Officials played a vital role in keeping peace and order in the neighborhood they lead. The officials are the Front Liners of the Government in delivering its services. This is pure volunteerism given the fact that they are not being paid for the services they give to their neighbors. An applause for the new Purok Leaders of Apopong! May you work for the good of the majority and not for a few!

See the lists of the Purok Presidents here.

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